Two Much, Really

Down to 9° this morning — , in what will probably turn out to be the hottest summer in history — and clear skies, so that the sun sears down the south-east facing roads on which I run and threatens to blind any already-myopic early-morning runners. My legs felt all right, pollen was annoying but not in any way disabling, and my pace was agreeable, so I turned in a prompt (if not by any means rapid) two miles.

I didn’t mention this last week, I think, but Margaret and I went to see the new Indiana Jones film, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. If isn’t up there with Raiders of the Lost Ark or Last Crusade, it’s certainly not down there with the one I prefer to pretend doesn’t exist. (I’m lukewarm on Temple of Doom, which is the only one whose title I remembered properly when I was writing this post.)

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