Mostly Harmless

I had a very peculiar experience this morning. After I ran and prayed and brought Margaret her morning tea, I prepared for my shower with a degree of anticipation since my repairs improved the shower experience noticeably. But I had a strong feeling that I had enjoyed several showers since the repairs — when that was only Sunday morning (after my Sunday shower), so it can only have been yesterday’s shower that gave me the positive impression. I had to rehearse in my memory the timing of obtaining the rubber washers (Saturday morning, after my COVID/flu jab), of repairing the shower (Sunday, while M. was at church), and the days of the week (verily, today is only Tuesday) to convince myself that I’d had only one (new-mode) shower before today. It still feels as though it must have been longer ago, even though I’m utterly certain of the sequence of events by now. Very odd, indeed.

Oh, and I stumped Margaret by referring to the ‘Beware of the Leopard’ sign from Hitchhiker’s Guide, which she doesn’t remember having read or heard.

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