Sorry I Missed…

yesterday’s update. Not a great deal to report, save that I ran, went to church, caught up on some emailing, and so on. I should have reported, yesterday, that Margaret and I (and the ladies) walked out to Holy Trinity Church, where C. S. Lewis worshipped and in whose churchyard he’s buried. There isn’t anything particularly fancy about the church — a pleasant, simple, English parish church, really. We visited his gravesite, and wandered back — a glorious autumn day. Then Evensong at Oriel, and home for dinner and entertainment.

Today, so far, I’ve made my run, said my prayers, caught up on news and social media, and had my first cup of coffee. Sometimes coffee goes past so quickly; I try to drink coffee strategically, so I don’t want to have a second cup right away when I get to the bottom of my first, but honestly… Evidently that’s the point of decaf — to forestall a second dose of caffeine with an ersatz substitute.

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