Been Through Wifi Desert

We’ve moved from our former shelter to our snappy new digs in the fashionable Caldecott neighbourhood of Abingdon ( I don’t really know if it’s fashionable, but if it wasn’t before, it clearly is now), but our broadband service has not yet been switched on — so I burned rapidly through my month’s allotment of data on my mobile account, and have re-upped twice already. Luckily, we are told that the switch will be flipped tomorrow morning, so our home will once again be filled with rich, rapid, life-giving 2.4 Ghz radio waves.

Yesterday was busy, as I ran my mile-point-nine, went to morning Mass (with Act of Remembrance) at St Michael’s, one of the congregations I’ll be serving once I am licensed. I was running late from doing some spur of the moment thisses and thats, but in a mad dash in the rain (with umbrella) I arrived just as the vicar was emerging from the sacristy. After lingering with the warm, hospitable congregants, I made my way back to home base. I installed the TV and associated speakers on their new (second-hand) stand, then indulged in a quick lunch before dashing out to catch the bus to Oxford, then to Headington, to give the former flat one final survey to make sure that everything about which I cared had been extracted. Thence I returned to Ox, where I passed the time before Evensong with a bowl of chips and a half London Pride. Then Evensong, a hurry to catch a bus back to Abingdon (they don’t run frequently on Sunday nights), and a return to Abingdon. As I say, a full day.

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