Oxmass 2023

I assisted Fr Rob at Oriel’s Advent Carol Service last night, and then stayed for High Table at dinner. I hadn’t been into either of the SCRs or the pro tem [Senior Library] Hall, and I have to say that if one brackets the oddity of having a support scaffolding in the middle of a formal room, holding the ceiling up, then the whole transitional scheme works exceptionally well. Obviously, it’s not the same as dining in the Hall, but it’s been done up as a viable dining space. The kitchen (built in the middle of Second Quad with an elevator (!) up to the Senior Library) did a great job last night, and the evening was ornamented by the choir marking the transitions between courses with more carols.

So I allowed myself a lie-in this morning, and now Margaret and I are clearing the dining area and lounge, with a view to welcoming my new Rector dropping in for a casual repast tonight.

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