Second Oxmas, Last With Oriel

Ran my morning miles, fruit breakfast, Morning Prayer at St Helen’s, correspondence, moving a bookcase and a bureau upstairs, some unpacking. Margaret found a small office printer stand with four tray-drawers.

All this moving and unpacking and shelving has played havoc with my hypermobile right thumb.It disagrees with me about the amount of work I’ve asked it to do, and communicates its dissatisfaction vividly, intensely, and persistently.

In a while I’ll head to Oxford for the last service for which I’ll be Fr Rob’s semiofficial assistant (I’ll likely be around to help him for odd services when I’d be handy). It has been a genuine privilege to work with him for the past year and a half; he’s a wonderful colleague, gracious and patient and blessedly offering refuge to a semi-retired priest in need of a license.

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