Thank Heaven It’s Friday

Yesterday I spent the late morning and the whole afternoon cleaning the flat in Headington that we recently vacated, and preparing it for incoming guests of our hosts. After a busy start to the morning, I was quite weary and not a little hungry by the time I got back to Abingdon (the excellent bus route between Oxford and Abingdon slows down at ‘commuter’ times, both for the busyness of the bus line and the traffic congestion). I got close to eight hours sleep last night — a rarity for me.

This morning I got up, ran my miles, made coffee, fruit breakfast, fed the pups, went to Morning Prayer (on my own this morning, with Abingdon School emissaries preparing the nave for their holiday activities in the background), and now have done my ‘visibility’ ministry at Costa, and will go fetch some groceries and head home, with no pressing tasks for the rest of the day, thanks be. Maybe I’ll enjoy a cheeky G&T this afternoon. Maybe a nap. Mmmmmmm….

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