Unpleasant Farewell

Last night/yesterday afternoon, a pernicious bug or a source of food poisoning afflicted some in the Adam and Harris-Adam families. First Si, then Margaret, then I succumbed and purged violently. We slept poorly and arrived at the airport at 4:45 or so exhausted, nauseous, achey, decaffeinated, with no appetite.

The two plane flights and various rides between points went smoothly, even when Margaret and I weren’t exactly smooth ourselves. In the end, we made our way to our comfortable hotel and have been zoning out. We cancelled our visit to my sister, whose own delicate health might be imperilled by a vomiting bug — really hard to do, but it seems necessary.

Unwinding in our htoel room. I napped on our flights, and will probably go to sleep early tonight. But I do feel a little better.

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