On the Whole, I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia

Yes, as it turns out, I do have a cold. So, no running, very little activity at all, unless you count snuffling and coughing as ‘activity’. I showered, made myself a hot breakfast, read Malter Moberly’s The Bible in a Disenchanted Age, napped, stared blankly at social media, dozed slightly.

OK, listen: I was interviewed for somebody’s YouTube (pod-?) (video-?) (vid-?) cast. I’m hesitant to link to it, because I feel acutely that I talk to slowly and too much, I look as though I just fell out of bed, and I said some things that aren’t precisely what I’d have said if I had a week or so to think about it. But hey, there it is, and if nothing else it can provide a basis for friendly teasing. Friendly. It’s on the ‘Why Knowledge Matters’ channel, taking the episode title from my essay on ‘Sensuous Hermeneutics’. Thanks for the opportunity, Yanik, and I hope it wasn’t a disappointment for you.

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