Academic Week

Not only did I listen to the Griffiths discussion on Tuesday, but I also took part in a discussion group about reception history that link is written by Brennan Breed, who was one of the other participants) organised by Hannah Strømmen and Siobhan Jolley (Siobhan couldn’t take part, but Hannah was there). We had a lviely discussion of Régis Burnet’s article, ‘What is Reception Study? A Proposal for Terminological Definitions Based on Christina Hoegen-Rohls’ Article’ from New Testament Studies (sorry, it’s pay-walled, but if you’re interested I may be able to help). It was a great discussion, though I was a bit frustrated that my colleagues are still looking for a methodological justification for what they’re doing.

Yesterday was a teaching day, then home for a bit, then off to St Michael and All Angels for Corpus Christi Mass and Benediction.

Corpus Christi at St Michael's

and a walk home at sunset…

Red Sky at Night

Today I ran, coffee and fruit, cleaned up and went to Morning Prayer, meandered into town for a cup of coffee at R&R, home to spend a couple of hours with the ladies before I head into Oxford for the New Testament seminar, at which my Oriel colleague Mark Wynn will give a philosophical-theological reading of the Annunciation scene in Luke’s Gospel. Then I’ll come home, probably have a wee walk with Flora and Minke, and take it easy for the evening. Ahhh…

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