April Tunes

My April iTunes listening according to last.fm:

1 Billie Holiday 7 scrobbles
2 Bruce Springsteen 7
3 Sleater-Kinney 7
4 The Beatles 7
5 The Style Council 7
6 They Might Be Giants 7
7 Elvis Costello 6
8 Florence + the Machine 6
9 PJ Harvey 6
10 R.E.M. 6

As always, the I’ve bracketed the Mountain Goats, else they would dominate every month’s charts both because I’m a big tMG supporter, and because John Darnielle releases not just a constant torrent of new material, but also an ocean of live recordings. tMG are in a special category of monthly frequency (13 scrobbles this month).

I might add that I almost always listen to iTunes on a semi-random shuffle, because I love so much music, and I want to hear unexpected things mingled with the cuts I know and cherish, so Shuffle is my favoured solution. I wish iTunes offered a better solution for weighted shuffle; my usual playlist involves an arcane combination of nested playlists that give extra prominence to women, to tracks I haven’t heard as recently, and to favourites of mine (since I do actually enjoy listening to my favourites). It would not be rocket science for a music player to offer this functionality — but since Apple will not let go of iTunes (presumably as a feeder to their music store), and alternatives don’t suit me for other reasons, there we are.

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