Easy Living

(Every now and then — not often, but occasionally — I flash back to early days when ‘hard rock’ was modulating into ‘metal’, and two of the bands I appreciated were Humble Pie and Uriah Heep; one of Heep’s best-known songs is ‘Easy Livin’’.)

But that’s not why I chose this title (desperately, as WordPress really wants titles as part of the blog post, which I’m always reluctant to devise. I just opted to take today easy, as the last few days have involved a lot. I walked most of my morning run; my legs wouldn’t limber up, and even with a short stride they wouldn’t move rapidly. That’s OK, I punched that ticket anyway, even if slowly.

Came home and did some proofreading and writing for the parish magazine, advance work toward sermons for the next two weeks, dogwalking, and more easy living.

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