Back to Abingdon

We made a flash trip out to Exeter and back for our friend and former student Alex Honey’s ordination to the diaconate. It was a lovely service in a lovely church, with plenty of friends supporting parishioners; all went famously although I extended myself too much with too little nourishment; my blood sugar crashed and my ears popped, it was difficult to hear and speak, and eventually I just curled up and went to sleep in our hotel room. That shouldn’t take away, though, from the delight of participating in Alex’s deaconing, nor of seeing Fr Richard Keeble and Clara, his wonderful spouse. I just reached the end of my tether before other people were near the beginnings of their own tethers.

Yesterday mroning, then, we made a prompt trip back to Abingdon, delayed at Castle Croy by hundreds of Glasto leavers who were crowding the platform even though our train wasn’t to stop there. Lunch with Deanery colleagues, on the bishop, then home midafternoon to shift into neutral for the remainder of the day.

Two miles again this morning, fruit and coffee, cleaned up, Morning Prayer, and now a spell of public office hours, working at R&R.

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