Stock Up Now

Twenty-four shopping days till Ecumenical* Talk Like a Pirate Day! Time to snag that missing glass eye, Jolly Roger, and piratical attire. (Tidewater Tripp tipped me off to this venue.)

* Well, just trying to cast this momentous event in a more a theological vein. . . .

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2 Responses to Stock Up Now

  1. Aye! ‘Tis true, I did. And how did ye know that I was Tidewater*?


    *The family myth is that the Hudgins boys settled in Matthews Co. (Tidewater part of Virginia) in the mid 1700’s after a little “recreational sea-trade.”


  2. AKMA says:

    Arrrr — ’twas me mystickal insight, larned from the esoteric teachings of Cap’n Chris Locke (hey, why not cross the streams of loosely-joined online link-osity?)

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