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How Much Time Would £36 Pay For?

This afternoon, after a week of exchanging emails with HP Support, my printer has accepted the UK ink cartridges that I bought for it last Saturday. The cartridges said nothing about being suitable only for machines bought in the UK; … Continue reading

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Next Project

I’ve blogged before about my recipe for supplemented ramen (and since then, Brooke has suggested adding egg to the list of potential supplementing ingredients, and that makes a delightful difference — thanks Brooke!), but for a couple of reasons I’m … Continue reading

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Humble Research Is Better Than None

I have a colleague at Glasgow named Yvonne (Sherwood), and each time I send her an email I remember the pioneering African-American newscaster on Pittsburgh’s KDKA news station, Yvonne Forston,* whom the irascible Bill Currie persistently used to call “ … Continue reading

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Vice Versa

One of the things that strikes me as odd about my current school is the perfect ease with which it tolerates being identified as either the University of Glasgow or Glasgow University. There are both sorts of signs around the … Continue reading

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Sorry, Sorted

Judy’s comment struck home to me. Something in the whole interaction was deeply off-kilter, but I couldn’t figure it out. Then, while I was at Iceland again, I had a moment of clarity.   The problem, I think, lay in … Continue reading

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Busy transcribing my remarks given at the Duke Archaeology and Politics conference. I was certain I had done so already. Evidently, I was wrong.

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I’ll try to get all of them out in one post, so it’ll be easier to ignore them (and I’ll put them in an “extended`” entry, too). A number of persistent annoyances have been ganging up and trying to force … Continue reading

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Not Quite What It Seems

I was going to post a video of albino moose here today, in honor of my father-in-law (whom the kids know as “Pa Moose”), to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Pa Moose and Grandma Pat. Unfortunately, being of an incurably … Continue reading

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Remembering Ramsey

Bp. Pierre noted a remarkable story about Archbishop Michael Ramsey, which reminded me of an anecdote I can’t verify from the web — so I figured I’d blog it, to see if anyone corrects me.   As the story goes, … Continue reading

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I’m Not Ignoring You

To everyone who has invited me to join their networks on Linkedin: I’m trying to accept, but for some reason Linkedin doesn’t want to add anyone.   And if you asked to Facebook friend me and I didn’t accept it’s … Continue reading

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Rome-ing In The Gloaming

People have asked me what I think about Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Constitution permitting Anglicans lay and ordained to join themselves to the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining at least some of the liturgical and theological inheritance of the Anglican Tradition. … Continue reading

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Pragmatics and Syntax of “Sorry”

Let’s say I’m trying to navigate a crowded aisle at Iceland. A somewhat oblivious young person is staring blankly at the varieties of butter, margarine, and related spreads. In the US, I’d say “Excuse me” in a gentle, regretful way … Continue reading

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