If The Candle Sees Its Shadow

I’m not sure whether there are groundhogs in the UK, so I don’t know whether to tell winter’s duration by a subterranean rodent or a flickering light source. Either way, there are no shadows visible in Glasgow this morning, so I’m hoping this presages an imminent spring.
Oh, sorry, I meant to say — Happy Candlemas!

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4 Responses to If The Candle Sees Its Shadow

  1. No groundhogs in these parts.

  2. I think locally you are supposed to watch for badgers.

  3. Mom says:

    And if Punxatawny (Sp?) DOESN’T see his shadow, that is the early spring predictor. And he did not!

  4. Rosemary Hannah says:

    If Candlemas is bright and fair, there’ll be twae winters in yin year. Happily it could hardly have been darker and wetter.

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