Moving Day

My Present Office

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

I had falling culpably behind in posting Pippa’s works to flickr, so this afternoon I uploaded several sketches and more polished pieces. I mentioned to Pippa that some of her sketches look as good as commercial comics, and she said, “Yes, but the trick is drawing the same character again.” We’ll have to pick one of her works to enter in the Seabury Spring Art Show — but which one?

Instead of selecting one of the images I just uploaded, though, I chose this picture of my office in its present condition. On Tuesday, supposedly, I’ll begin moving into the next office over. I’ve been reminded that many people manage their vocational lives just fine without offices at all, so it ill behooves me to complain about the scale of my quarters; still, having a distinctly larger space to work in will help me somewhat, at least, in some of the roles that Seabury expects of me. I’ll show you the new look when I move in.

3 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. The annual Epiphany term project, it seems: Prove That AKMA Has a Floor In His Office.

    I will be most curious to see how long it takes the library cup to runneth over in the new space… 😉

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