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If you’re a student serious about the academic side of your work, or a reader serious about keeping abreast of academic discourse, or just somebody who’s interested in cool ideas taking shape, you will want to register and play with CiteULike. (If I didn’t have to thank David for too many things already, I’d still be indebted to him for this one — thank you thank you thank you, and you too, Lisa, for telling him.)

If you register at the site, you can set up an account that associates your username with academic articles, books, theses, whatever, with bibliographic information and your notes on the work. It’s like an online, offboard version of a bibliographic program, free, and it evidently plays nicely with EndNotes. If the journal you rely on publishes its table of contents online, you can subscribe to tables-of-contents through watchlists or RSS, and you can establish a watchlist or RSS feed for any tags you imagine (so that if you have a watchlist for “hermeneutics” (as you should) and I tag an article “hermeneutics,” it comes to your RSS feed.). You can join a group for sharing reference material (Bibliobloggers, I’ve already staked out “NT-Interpretation,” and once that gets approved I’ll open one on the theological interpretation of Scripture. This may finally get me into the frame of mind that encourages tagging.

I can think of several students who should have established accounts before they reached the end of this post. If you think I might mean you, I probably do.

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