Please Continue to Hold

Polycarp’s Death

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

Today was a wearying all-day faculty meeting, and I’m not inclined to comment even on the DRM implications of Apple-on-Intel computers. The positive news is that I finished uploading the Polycarp images, and Pippa wants to know what we’ll do next. Me, I’ll grade papers for a while — but then Ignatius and Justin Martyr and Irenaeus beckon, and then Clement of Alexandria and Origen. Margaret points out that we’ll have to order a whole passel of miters to depict the Council of Nicaea — but it would be worth it!

3 thoughts on “Please Continue to Hold

  1. Polycarp said; ‘Thou threatenest that fire which burneth for a season and after a little while is quenched: for thou art ignorant of the fire of the future judgment and eternal punishment, which is reserved for the ungodly. But why delayest thou? Come, do what thou wilt.’Saying these things and more besides, he was inspired with courage and joy, and his countenance was filled with grace. . . .

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