Belated Greetings

I tend not to pay much attention to my blogroll; I use my bookmarks more for navigation, and my newsreader for a sense of what’s going on at the moment. So the blogroll falls dusty, while I merrily navigate by other means to sites I enjoy.

But then I need to play catch-up, and with the recent arrival of Raisin and Laurel, I needed to add Debra and the Archer along with our newer neighbors to my blogroll to keep up with Seaburian bloggers (I think I’ve got ’em all, now, don’t I?). Welcome to Blogaria, and I hope you find it as refreshing and encouraging a community as I have.

[Later: Whoops! I had a lingering feeling that I had left out whose blog had been an immediate provocation to update. Sorry, Brooke — Seabury alum, former student, current colleague!]

[A few minutes later: Gentle Jane reminded me that I had also left off Mark and Todd, among my own academic progeny, and Emily, who graduated a year or two before I arrived at Seabury. This sort of embarrassing development illustrates my utter detachment from my blogroll, since I knew well enough where to find them.]

1 thought on “Belated Greetings

  1. Whups: this Seabury alum also snuck in while the door was ajar, starting my first blog this week. In response to a warm welcome from Ryan, I started some notes on the “‘why” of my blog title “Battez-vous,” notes which should form the germ of an upcoming entry. Peace and thanks.

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