Just Asking

Does anyone in the U.S.A. need another tote bag?

I think we could solve a great many problems by the creative re-purposing of the cornucopia of tote bags that we’ve received at various conferences over the years since the conference tote bag has become a de rigeur tschochke. Maybe the irrepressible imagination of Gary Turner can devise appealing uses for these otherwise redundant vessels. (Yes, we can start by taking them shopping with us, and not using so many hydrocarbons and paper products — but I’m thinking even beyond that important possibility.)

3 thoughts on “Just Asking

  1. Forget conferences. My wife is an RN at a children’s hospital and they get a tote bag as an employee appreciation gift about every other year. She has worked at the hospital for over 22 years now, so we have a LOT of tote bags.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to use cloth shopping bags. It’s something I forget too often, and heaven knows I have enough tote bags I could use for that purpose. Unfortunately, the CDC conferences I go to like to hand out messenger-style bags, which aren’t as useful for grocery shopping.

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