Closing EP Post

The Ekklesia Project always excites and refreshes me, so it’s not just because I gave a presentation there this year that I have to say what a wonderful gathering they put together for us.

That being said, I was delighted that so many people gave very kind positive feedback on my talk, and that so many people seemed to get the idea of the Disseminary (which Phil mentioned when he introduced me). It’s gratifying, but frustrating, that their feedback suggests that Trevor and I have the right idea — while we’re still having trouble harvesting enough useful material to make the site go.

Thanks, though, to readers from EP who meander over here; it was great to hear from you in person, and I hope you feel welcome to come back electronically fromm time to time.

1 thought on “Closing EP Post

  1. What really made an impression on me when I went in 2003 was that MAD RUSH for coffee in the morning.

    Theology types are definitely caffeine addicts.

    Excuse me, I’ve got to get back to my morning cup(s).

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