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My well-deserved reputation as a handyman puts me in a league with the very most hapless schlemiels who have ever picked up a hand tool (the Geneva Convention prohibits allowing me near power tools ever since my woodshop teacher Mr. Proviano contacted Interpol way back in the sixties). Sometimes, though, a project presents itself that’s so very easy that even I can handle it.

The other day I was cleaning out a desk drawer in my office — itself an odd enough occurrence — when I happened on one of those cheap plastic cases that frequently gets thrown in with an order of business cards.

Found Nano Case

Having been keeping myn ears open relative to the brouhaha over how easily iPod Nanos (“Nanoes”?) get scratched up, I instantly considered the possibility that I held in my hand the easy solution to that problem. Sure enough,

Should Fit

it looks like it would work. I worked the Nano into the case and eyeballed the location of the output port, so I could cut as small a hole as necessary (and I tried to keep my cut smooth, so that there wouldn’t be any corners susceptible to tearing). I had to add a little width to my first cut, but the second cut aligned nicely with the headphone port, and the extra width allowed room for the casing for the headphone connector).

Figuring Where To Cut

It works like a charm, the headphone plug fits perfectly, and the plastic is thin enough that you can operate the controls through it (though it somewhat attenuates the hypersensitivity of the control wheel, so you can handle the Nano with the volume jumping).

Snug In Its New Home

And here’s the end with the headphone port — plenty of room.

End View

For my next project, I’m thinking of making a snowflake from folded paper, or preparing a peanut butter sandwich.

10 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Of course, the real trick is working in a prison sentence and two television deals on top of being so crafty.

    Very cool adaptation.

  2. >Oh — and wouldn’t multiple Nanos be “Nani”? Hmm…
    >probably not.

    Actually it would, it Italian. NANO means small or midget and NANI is the correct plural.

    Great mod btw 🙂

  3. What good is a scratch-free iPod if nobody can enjoy it’s flawlessness? Set your iPods free people. Scratches build character.

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