Check Your Stocking (Forgive the Festal Incongruity)

And not just because Pippa might have hidden the rubber spider with which she torments me into your sock drawer (she did that to me a couple of weeks ago, though, so you might be careful anyway). No, check your stocking because the proprietors of Redlex Software promise their customers that Mellel II will be released tomorrow.

I used Mellel daily for a year or so, then switched to Apple’s Pages (in my ritual word-processing transition, which takes place roughly every eighteen months). I like Pages; it looks great, its capacity to read and produce MS Word documents obviates the necessity of using Mr. Bill’s word processor; it carries some very heavy-duty page-layout functions with impressive grace. At the same time, I’ve run into some aspects of Pages that just bug me, and a few weeks ago I switched back to Mellel and wondered how that spritely, multilingual word processing app could have gotten to version 1.8 without columns.

Of course, version 2 (II) promises columns, and widow-and-orphan control, and a heap of other improvements. Tomorrow will be a treat!

(I realize that the proprietors of Redlex may well not observe the stocking-filling holiday custom that many North Americans and Europeans observe. It’s a figure of speech. Mellel won’t go into a stocking, anyway; it’s available by download. The point is, we’ll be in for a pleasant surprise tomorrow.)

2 thoughts on “Check Your Stocking (Forgive the Festal Incongruity)

  1. I’ve also been eagerly awaiting Mellel 2 and its columns, though word is it won’t have the fullscreen writing option I so desire. Maybe in 2.1!

  2. Well, I have slogged through NaNoWriMo (16,500 words so far) with TextWrangler, due it’s marked inability to distract with shiny knobs and gizmos. But I’ll take a gander at Mellel. There has to be some middle ground between raw ASCII and incompatible Word.

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