Thinking of Rage

I’ve been thinking about Rageboy on and off this evening, partly since it’s his birthday (and he doesn’t look a day over twenty-three; how do you do it, Chris?) and partly because I’m wrestling with a conference paper that wants to communicate a book’s worth of thinking in twenty minutes of talking. When I try to do that, I get pen-tied and blocked, and then write three-ton sentences that no listener could possibly make sense of. Chris, on the other hand, just tears this stuff off – he’s amazing. A toast to you both, Chris and Rageboy, and lend me just a little of that fluency for a week or so, OK?

1 thought on “Thinking of Rage

  1. Let me suggest the visuals-only slide show approach. Flash up ambiguous but profound-looking grafix, and talk over the presentation in Heraclitian sentence fragments. Worked for Lacan. It can work for you too.

    panta rhei (and thanks!)


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