December Stromateis

Chris pointed me to this amusing report on Slate’s slam on the Left Behind theo-cultural miasma.

Dorothea live-blogs this take on open-access academic periodical publishing, which I heartily endorse.

Jeneane and Halley both point to Susan Mernit’s lament that the SF Weekly could devote a long, insightful article to Craig Newmark of Craig’s List, which quotes various industry-leader types while avoiding citing any women. Hello?

World of Warcraft is marvelously engineered, but is no game for a pacifist (not that anyone’s surprised by that, but I’m confirming what one would expect). As one of my capacities therein is “healing,” I’m looking forward to finding a vocation as an in-game EMT.

Writers who use Unicode Greek now no longer need rely on Gentium (marvelous though it is) or whatever was loaded with their system software; the Greek Font Society has released a Greek Didot in regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. I haven’t kicked the tires myself, yet, but their PDF samples look very impressive (via Hypotyposeis, the long way around).

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