This Is My Question

People frequently ask me how I find time to blog. I will have completed this post inside two minutes — but last night Pippa and I spent four hours playing World of Warcraft, and really only just got our toes wet. So, my question is, how do people find time to play WoW?

Oh, and Mac users: How do you negotiate the chat interface? I find myself typing the slash-letter command, then deleting the slash, and the whole thing gets confusing.

4 thoughts on “This Is My Question

  1. yeah, i tried it for the free month and then deleted it in self-defense. i never got must past the running around stage, not being muh enamored of destroying folks. i did find that i had an alarming tendency to find a corner, like in the library or on a bed somewhere, and curl up and hide

  2. If you just keep typing after the /-letter combo, the slash disappears. (Discovered by accident…)

    And I’m with you–I so want to play, I so don’t have time. It’s a good thing I can’t get it to work through the firewall at work, or I’d really be in trouble.

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