Pre-Movie da Vinci Fix

In a gesture toward perpetuating my wearisome fixation with the pernicious anti-intellectual Ponzi fiction, The daVinci Code, I offer a pointer to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’s podcast of its “Not My Job” segment (streaming audio available here, but I couldn’t get it to work — if they’re going to make an mp3 version available anyway through their podcast, why do they have to link to cumbersome RealAudio files from their site?).

All of this is relevant because this week’s quiz involved questions about author-or-plagiarist Dan Brown. I won’t spoil the fun by divulging any of the correct answers, but they touch on his past as a failed singer-songwriter, his other literary accomplishments, and his inside tips for improving your writing skills. Fran Leibowitz, the guest expert, could have been funnier, but the insight into Dan Brown is more than worth the download.

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