Rolls Eyes, Gulps

Somehow, I have lost about a week of work on my James manuscript. I can’t find the relevant file anywhere on my main drive, on my backup drive, in any way, shape, or form. My best guess is that Microsoft Word crashed sometime in the background, and I didn’t notice, and hadn’t saved for a few days; that would be highly atypical of me, but “atypical” doesn’t mean “impossible,” and when we eliminate alternatives that appear to be counterfactual, then that which remains — no matter how uncharacteristic — must presumably be the case.

Sighs deeply. Back to the writing board.

2 thoughts on “Rolls Eyes, Gulps

  1. I think one of the 7 levels of hell is going to be the level where a week or more of work on something mysteriously disappers – probably once a week or so. Those poor souls will spend all their time going back redoing work they’ve already done – and the whole time having this nagging since that this sounded much better last time I wrote it.

    Oh wait, no, that’s seminary. Never mind.

  2. AKMA,

    Sorry for your loss (but it was only words and thoughts, of which you have MANY more).

    On a practical note:

    If you are not using Google Desktop so it routinely indexes ~everything~ on your system, you are missing one of life’s great pleasures.

    There are other desktop indexing / search engines — the one from quite good, should you be a GoogleHater.

    I do not need Google Desktop to save my “where IS that file” bacon often, but it’s priceless when I DO lose track.

    Second thought: for a while I used a (freeware) keylogger. My goal: never lose anything (because it REALLY annoys me).

    The keylogger worked (all formatting dissapears but that’s the easy stuff).

    I finally uninstalled the keylogger. I thought it was interfering with another application.

    I no longer think it was the culprit, but have not bothered to track it down and re-install.

    But if you really wnat to NEVER lose any text, a “keylogger” certainly works.

    Some might be shocked that I installed a little software engine to capture everything I write.

    But so what? The NSA already knows my thoughts before I even think them.

    What do I need to hide?

    (I am sure as a deeply religious man you can take this to ~A Higher Level~.

    be well. Don’t despair. Thoose were only words, after all.

    be well
    -ron k jeffries

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