Lend Them Your Ears

Margaret and I had one of our insta-vacations this past weekend (only one day, sadly, but a change is almost as good as a rest, or something) — so I have all sorts of ideas percolating behind my glasses. Rather than rush one to expression, though, I’d like to put in a word for the musical participants in this year’s Ekklesia Project gathering, the Psalters. The Psalters travel from location to location, living in their renovated, biodiesel-powered converted school bus, playing intriguing music that doesn’t sound just like anything I’ve ever heard. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at the Anarchism and Christianity conference week after next.

They offer a number of downloadable selections (click “Media” then “audio,” cursed frames!) and have produced at least one CD. I’m intrigued by the music, impressed by the example of consistent commitment, and appreciative of their expression of what “being disciples” can mean.

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