Happy Approximate Birthday

About six years ago, give or take a few days, Beatrice was born. Nine or eleven weeks later, Margaret brought her home.

Bea on Arrival

Yesterday was something vaguely like her sixth birthday. She has aged a little, but has not lost her puppy-cuteness.

Bea on the Couch

Now, on her most recent trip, the vet noticed that someone has been giving her more food for breakfast and dinner since Margaret moved to Durham (AKMA looks innocently away); she’s up to twelve pounds from her ideal weight of nine pounds. So she’s on a diet, even on her kinda birthday. But she still has fluff for brains, a sweet disposition, and is harmless as a butter knife. Happy birthday, Bea!

3 thoughts on “Happy Approximate Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Mind you, that also makes me feel old. It seems as though I remember, if vaguely, her homecoming. The “hey, the Adams have a dog!” phase. Hmmm.

  2. Harmless as a butter knife?? Isn’t this the same animal that attempt a killer attack on a Doberman? Or do I have my stories confused?

    Regardless, happy birthday. And a diet means more cake for AKMA.

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