I think Blue Bumpy (our ’96 Subaru Legacy, named after White Bumpy, our Grand Caravan, which in turn was named after Bumpy the Car, our Toyota Tercel which was named after Bumpy the Car, a favorite book of our young’uns) — anyway, Blue Bumpy has been to John LaRue’s repair shop four times in the past ten days. LaRue’s performed comprehensive repairs on several vital systems while we rented a car two weeks ago, but three after days we got Blue Bumpy back, it started overheating like crazy. Took it back to LaRue’s, they refilled the radiator, fiddled with a few things, got it back, and three days later. . again. So I took it back yesterday, and they hazarded a guess that there might be a thermostat problem, bring it in this morning and they’ll replace the thermostat. I just got back, and they didn’t charge me — since they aren’t sure the thermostat was the problem. John has been putting in considerable time and attention to squaring away the cooling system problems, at no charge — and although I don’t imagine that readers will flock to Princeton to have him work on their autos, I wanted to salute him in public.

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