This morning, as we were getting ready to go in to town, I quoted for Margaret the Valentine’s Day couplet that stands out in my memory: “If you’ll be my Valentine / I will be forever thine.” Margaret said, “OK, but I hope we don’t have to keep talking that way,” to which I responded, “Isn’t it just a lovely day?”
That, in turn reminded Margaret of one of the boys’ favorite Sesame Street sketches (It reminded me of The Princess Bride, but Margaret had the floor). “Remember when Nate used to say, “Fer the rhymin’ game, Bert!” At that point, we would have to play the part of Bert as Nate rapped through the scene. “I wonder,” I said, “if it’s on YouTube.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Nate! And Si, and Pippa, and Jennifer; and always, forever, rhymingly, Margaret my dearest!

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