On the way to Pippa’s acting class in Carrboro, the Subaru started overheating again. Any helpful, economically-feasible suggestions welcome. We’d be inclined to lease a car for the rest of our Durham year, but at the prices I’ve been able to find, we might as well just buy a junker somewhere.

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  1. Yikes! I’m sorry! I’m terrifically fond of my ’04 Outback, and I hope she continues to behave herself. Is it a headgasket problem? I had a Nissan a long time ago that had a crack that the dealer couldn’t find in four visits. On the fifth, they took EVERYthing apart and found it. It definitely was a PITA.

    Keep checking craigslist.org for a semi-decent junker to buy or borrow. Praying for your transportation success!

  2. I would start with checking the coolant level to make sure it is not low. Then check the thermostat to be sure that it opens and closes at the proper temperature. Then be sure that the radiator fan(s) turn on when the temperature goes up. If all this fails, have a radiator shop check air flow and coolant flow through the radiator properly.

    We drove Subaru legacy for 10+ years and found them quite reliable. Good luck with yours.

  3. I apologize for the sentence that begins, “If all this fails…” It should read, “If all this fails, have a radiator shop check for proper air and coolant flow through the radiator.”

  4. Thanks, Hedwyg and John. The thermostat was a problem in Princeton (or at least, that’s what Larue’s thought); it hadn’t been acting up since our last trip to Larue’s, but at this point we don’t want to put this car on the highway. I suspect a gasket problem, alas.

    The radiator system was seriously depleted when we got to Carrboro; I filled it up with water, and will keep an eye on it, but the look of the fluid in the radiator system and the puff of steam from the exhaust suggest to me that the fluid’s being drawn into the system somewhere. Ugh.

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