Imagine My Face All Scrunched Up, Trying To Figure Out

It occurred to me to check at the Ars Electronica webcast site, to see whether they had edited and posted the video footage from the festival. I was delighted to see that they had, and prepared to click on the link for my presentation (to see whether I’d have convinced myself, if I’d been paying attention at the time). I was disappointed to see that they’ve published the video in Windows Media format — who thought to distribute videos of a conference about open access as wmv? — but I recalled that QuickTime can open wmv files with the Flip4Mac add-on, so I went ahead and clicked on my name.
Nothing happened.
And not because my talk was boring. For some reason, although the link successfully launches QuickTime, I don’t get the video feed. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a PC/Mac problem, or a transmission problem, or what, but for now I don’t know how I look in the video. Follow the links at your own risk; if you can view the presentation and it makes you wish they’d invited Sarah Palin instead of me, I tried to warn you.

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  1. The problem is that the video content providers create these things with odd, unsupported methods that don’t conform to the basic wmv standard. Sure, they will play on a PC, but there are lots of us with Macs, and, so far, Flip4Mac has been excellent, BUT, it can’t take care of everything.

    These might help:


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