A few weeks back, David pointed to We magazine, an online enterprise that includes webcasting and print versions of their periodical — all in all, a very cool thing, and I really meant to link to them right when David called my attention to them.
My apologetic tone derives from the fact that after I gave my talk in Linz, Ulrike Reinhard of We was excited by my proposals, and she asked to interview me for We-TV, which made me feel extra bad for not having blogged them right away. But aha! It turns out that the microphone we used for the interview was out of whack, and they didn’t get any footage they could use — so I can link to them afresh without risk of self-promotion.
The segment on which I would have appeared is Ars Electronica Day Three, for which you can see Jamie Boyle’s introduction of the panel, hear Ulrike’s characterization of the goings-on, and see a few seconds of David Weinberger’s presentation.

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