Bits And Pieces

The wind bore whispers of a job possibility yesterday. It’s only a faint possibility, but that’s still a lot more possible than the “nothing doing” situation I was facing before. I’ve sent in a c.v., and I’m waiting out the rest.
Friend and former colleague Brian Blount came to Duke today, to give the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture. It was great to see him, he gave me an old-fashioned shout-out at the beginning of the lecture (we may all be thankful that he didn’t describe the occasion when, after his having given a glittering, animation-laden PowerPoint lecture, I followed him by noting that without any digital technology, all I could do to enhance my lecture was to dance, which I did for twenty seconds or so to general mirth). Quite apart from his acknowledging my presence, the lecture was terrific.
The weather turned cold, which intensifies my conviction that getting healthy by exercising more is a gravely problematic idea. The only thing that would persuade me to keep exercising daily is my awareness that I’ll have to do it sometime anyway, and waiting any longer will only make it harder.
Oh, and the Orioles are in first place!

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  1. Go Orioles. Go Dr. Blount. And most especially and importantly and fervently of all, GO AKMA. Rooting for you. Hard.

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