Further Stromateis

Jennifer alerts me that Trinity Church Wall Street will be offering online Station of the Cross and a Twittered Passion Play. I haven’t found the online Stations on their site, but if you copy-and-paste their script into a page you own, evidently the online stations will appear on your page. I’m somewhat baffled by the mechanics of that, and I’m not sure I want to see a passion play mixing in with the rest of my Twitter feed, but I s’pose they get points for using digital media.
Today’s Cat and Girl follows up Wednesday’s comic about words and meaning.
The Duke colleague for whom I’m substituting, Richard Hays, sent me a link to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education by Tod Linafelt, who was a recent graduate from Eckerd College when I went to teach there and who holds an appointment at Loyola College, where Margaret is teaching this year. Tod questions James Wood’s assessment of biblical narrative as devoid of complex characterization.

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