Different Tack

We were planning to leave this morning, but yesterday afternoon we decided to take things a little slower, finish up packing/sorting this morning instead of last night, have a calmer last few hours in Durham, and to leave tomorrow morning instead. Likewise, Margaret has reflected on the advice we got in yesterday’s comments and Twitter query, and we’re inclined to leave behind much of my less-expensive, older clothing and buy some new clothes once I land in Glasgow.
Ugh! I do hate moving. I will be greatly relieved when it’s all over (and the relocation costs squared away). But this is very sensible. I just wish we had had more time to go through my clothing (and books) to make carefully-reasoned selections. I know I’m taking along at least two boxes worth of books I could easily leave behind, or abandon altogether (more, I’m sure). If the search had been concluded in, say, April or early May, the whole relocation operation could have been a lot smoother (and less expensive).
Ah, well, if wishes was horses, beggars would ride — as Joe Conroy always used to say.

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