Ho, Ho, Ruddy Ho!

I went out for my Saturday Morning Treat (professionally-made coffee and a carbohydrate-and-fat bomb of one sort or another), and while I traversed the streets of the West End, the Spirit of St Nicholas fell upon me, and lo! I outdid myself with locating and obtaining delightful but modest gifts from Glasgow.
Now, having been a good hunter-gatherer for Christmas presents, I will bring my booty to Margaret, counting on her guidance to determine who fits into which tartan Bermuda shorts, who needs a Rangers-branded sump pump, and how many of our friends and family deserve souvenir packets of salt from One-A The Square.
Then I picked up some tide-me-over snacks at Waitrose, and got a haircut.
Watch out, USA — AKMA’s coming back, and this time he’s bringing the Xmas Xpirit!.

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