Not Quite Being There

For the sake of any reader who has said to her- or himself, “I wonder what it’s like to attend church when that guy’s preaching,” and for the sake of the kind folks who have said they miss seeing me preach, and for the sake of people in the eastern USA who can’t get out to church this morning and don’t mind hearing last week’s sermon, and for the sake of people who don’t really believe I’m a priest, and for the sake of aggravating global warming by using more bandwidth than is necessary — the Provost of the Cathedral burned late-night oil editing video and fighting with his uploading service (before he switched to Vimeo, which evidently went very smoothly) to bring you a video of last week’s sermon at the cathedral.

Preaching at St Mary's

Now, time for me to get ready for the walk to church — a dusting of snow on the ground, housework to do on my return, and then one bright morning (tomorrow), I’ll fly away to Chicago to see my loved ones for a short visit!

10 thoughts on “Not Quite Being There

  1. Ah, because I was deaconing for the service; that’s how they do things at the cathedral.

  2. i listened to this, but when i got here was surprised to see there’s more than just audio? but when i clicked, i just got the same red titlecard and audio; no vid 🙁

  3. The title card lasts till I get to the pulpit and begin the sermon; the camera position is fixed, so it’s pointing at the empty pulpit during the gospel procession. The sermon proper begins a little before the four-minute mark.

  4. My apologies for setting the title to “Advent 4” when it should have been “Advent 3”.

    Clearly I don’t know what day of the week it is.

    Hopefully this will neither hasten nor delay the arrival of the babe by a week.

  5. No worries, Kelvin — I had a momentary horror when I thought I might have followed the wrong readings. It’s hard to overestimate my capacity for becoming befuddled.

  6. Well, what I’d _really_ love to see is a tape of the sermon that you did at the Seabury Western chapel on International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day a few years ago. Arrrrr!

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