Awfully Good

The other day Nate asked me if I liked Phoenix, and I had to admit that although I have some of their cuts in my iTunes library, I don’t recall any in particular. I’ve accumulated so many tracks, and some I know so well and love so much that I want to hear them frequently, that it’s hard to make time to listen with focal awareness to new recordings. (Nate pointed me to the Phoenix website for a free d/l of one of their live gigs, so, you might like that, too. I haven’t been able to get through to the download, but I expect I’ll enjoy it when I do.)
One of the benefits of having an oceanic iTunes library on permanent shuffle, though, is that sometimes I hear a song that I don’t remember having heard before, with no recollection how or whence I acquired it. That’s the real joy of my style of listening, and I wanted to share with you this morning’s “Where’d that come from?” moment. This goes out to my sweetheart far away in the States —


Sarah Harmer, “I Am Aglow”

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