Bad Feeling About This

The Theology/Religious Studies Department subject area rejiggered its curriculum last year, including a whole new Bachelor of Divinity curriculum and new first- and second-year offerings in biblical studies and theology. Since I teach in both the BD and the regular Arts curricula, and since our new colleague won’t arrive till January to organise and teach in the second-year church history course (so that I’m covering early church history again, yay), this means I’m involved in four courses that have been put together new for this semester, most of them “new” as in “just thought up in the last week, or maybe not even yet.” Two of the courses in which I’m teaching conflict with each other. Monday is the first day of classes.
Oh, and I’m preaching Saturday in London. So on top of preparing for the four classes (I think) that I’ll meet this week, I should be writing a sermon. Heck, I should even be packing right about now, the way this coming week could shape up.

5 thoughts on “Bad Feeling About This

  1. Where in London? Are you successfully masking your excitement about preaching there, or is it just another step in this new journey of yours?

  2. Just pretend you are a small denominational liberal arts college and everything will “work out”

  3. Mom — I’m preaching at St Mary’s, Ealing, at a service enrolling several novices for the Anglican/Episcopal version of the Dominican Order (with which I’m associated).
    Trevor — you know I’m not Mr Plan Everything Ahead, but when I still don’t know which sessions I’m supposed to lead in a course that begins tomorrow… that’s just not right.

  4. dude, i totally agree that it just not right … i’m just saying just not right is normal some places, but you already know that so i guess i’m just whining which i should stop but if it weren’t for the sound of my fingernails scraping the whiteboard … actually this is a bit thick … let me just opt for an apology. sorry.

  5. Sounds awful, Trevor, and unreasonable, and unfair, and a poor use of your time. Just not right as normal is still just not right.

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