Long Distance Blessing

Margaret and I watched and listened to the Papal Mass yesterday — thank heaven, the weather treated Benedict XVI kindly — and I was pleased that he sent a blessing to those of us observing the service via teletransmission.
Margaret noted that he drew a big crowd to Bellahouston Park, but I noted that Celtic v Rangers draws more. Which led me to the guaranteed Papal Event to end all Papal Events: A Vatican v Church of Scotland football match, featuring only the highest-ranking ecclesiastical hierarchs. Would the Pope be a striker or goalkeeper? What if the Moderator of the Church of Scotland challenged him and he broke his leg? Neither side could afford to be seen to lose.
And then, after the match, the good peace-loving Christian football supporters could have an ecumenical riot to celebrate our unity in Christ.

2 thoughts on “Long Distance Blessing

  1. Something along these lines could settle a lot of doctrinal squabbles – By two goals to one the way is now clear for the ordination of women bishops. And the refereee’s decision is final.

  2. AKMA you’re scaring me here – which corner of your brain did this suggestion crawl out of…

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