Doctor My Eyes

The BBC television report concerning George Michael’s conviction on the charge of operating a vehicle under the influence of cannabis (George, not the vehicle) includes a clip from the Wham! video for “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”
I felt a cold chill as that pernicious earworm crawled from my long-buried memories and assaulted my consciousness (only slightly alleviated by Margaret’s reminding me to think of the Hugh Grant parody, “Pop! Goes My Heart”). And the sight of those Wham! outfits — the horror, the horror!

3 thoughts on “Doctor My Eyes

  1. Oh, thanks now for passing the earworm on to us, your poor reader! Argghhh! Wham! brought to mind Cindy Lauper and Boy George, horror upon horror! Curse you, vile spreader of misery.

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