Thank You

Friday was a lovely day: it was my birthday, and Margaret was here with me; a startling number of people wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook and here; I had a delightful talk about pedagogy in the University with Margaret’s and my friend Vicky (and with a colleague I hadn’t known before, Lorna); and at the end of the day, I got the news that I’ve been named the Academic Development Fellow for the College of Arts (not just my home School of Critical Studies, but also the Schools of Humanities, Culture & Creative Arts, and Modern Languages & Cultures).
I will be seconded one day a week to the Learning and Teaching Centre with my three colleagues from the other Colleges, to work together toward building up a culture of strengthened and renewed pedagogy (no financial bonus, but it’s a different and exciting aspect of my role here). So that’s a delightful Friday, isn’t it?

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  1. Congratulations on being named the college’s Academic Development Fellow. In my time at Glasgow, I greatly appreciated the work done by the Learning and Teaching people; I hope you find the time intellectually stimulating. And here’s hoping you and your colleagues succeed at your task, too.

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