Last summer I volunteered to lecture on Fun Home by Alison Bechdel in the Comp Lit programme’s “Heroic Women” course; this morning, the convenor of the course emailed me to begin pinning down dates and resources. Now I have to reread Fun Home with a view to critical analysis, suggest a bibliography of related/illuminating texts, and control my eager anticipation.
So, for the moment — what shall I suggest as additional readings? Understanding Comics, for one thing. I can point to Bechdel’s other work (the Dykes To Watch Out For comics and web site); what else?
Plus, Margaret and Madhavi have prodded me to change plan and (when I go to Edinburgh next month) not to trot out a talk I already have in the can, as it were, but to write out some of my thinking about the problematic “code” metaphor and Shannon’s communication model.
Thinking is exciting, and I love pushing my thinking forward, but it would help if I had more time. Still, better to have too many ideas and not enough time than not enough ideas and too much time.

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  1. What’s the talk in Edinburgh? I really enjoyed your presentation in Durham, and am intrigued by these two tasters of what the next one might include (and depending when/where it is, I might try to come)!



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