Open Coding OK Computer

Our son Nate — who first appeared in these digital pages as he prepared to begin his undergraduate studies at Eastman School of Music — will this afternoon defend his doctoral dissertation (US)/thesis (UK) at the University of Michigan. The work in question bears the title “Open Coding OK Computer: Categorization and Characterization of Disruptive Harmonic and Rhythmic Events in Rock Music”, and it concerns the composition of Radiohead’s musical oeuvre. He defends at 12:30 EDT/5:30 BST, and although we’re unwaveringly confident of him, we reserve the right to be a little heart-in-throat-y about the outcome (if only because we’re so proud of him and can’t stand the idea that anyone on his committee might give him a hard time). If you’re in the Ann Arbor area and feel like dropping in, the defense will be held in the West Conference Room, Rackham School of Graduate Studies.
But honestly, it should be a doddle. What a year!

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