Yes, Indeed!

Someone asked me today whether I’m that fellow who blogs, and I admitted that I am. But that means I have to blog now and then, so here’s me blogging. It’s not much, but it’s the thought that counts.
I heard some very exciting news yesterday, which news (embargoed, don’t bother asking) dovetails with my increasingly urgent interest in seeking a mega-grant to back a disruptive-digital-publishing venture (along lines complementary to Wharton Digital Publishing or various of the great Hugh McGuire’s ideas). If you’re a mega-philanthropist who’s interested in helping spark the kickover of the digital publishing revolution, please let me know! Especially with mega-aid, I could put together an all-star team of kindred minds, whose vision and energy — duly supported — would predictably make a signifcant dent in the world of publishing.

1 thought on “Yes, Indeed!

  1. As a bi-vocational pastor of one of the poorest churches in our state, I am unpaid (but yet have riches beyond description with this humble, serving church) and am going to seminary for school for my masters. I pray that God opens the windows of heaven for such a benevolent cause as this. I have self-published and have dtp Kindle edition and downloadable books and this is a terrific and most inexpensive way to publish. I would be glad to donate free books for such a worthy cause for that is all that I am able to give at this time. What an awesome “dent” this would be indeed.

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