I guess the blogging software still works, ’cos here I am again, and (as usual) I’m interrupting the long quiet on the blog to mention something I’ve written that you can read online. In this case, it’s ‘The Question Concerning Technology and Religion’, an earlier version of which appeared in Introduction to Religious Studies for Paul Myhre and Anslem Academic Press. Share and enjoy!
What else has been going on? Well, I think I’ve been to more meetings in the last week than I remember for years and years. I’ve been banging and hammering on a grant proposal that will, I think, finally be ready in the next day or two. I have an essay for print and a paper for the SBL meeting to write. I have a lot of editing to do for a volume of essays by Glasgow-associated scholars. Oh, Saturday I’m participating in a day-conference on preaching for Trinity College and the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway’s Ministry Development programme.
And every now and then I like to try to clear my mind and not do something.

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